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Plushies! - Etsy Opening!

An etsy shop is underway from here in Tasmania! The opening will coincide with my debut at local markets. The artisan & craft market scene in Hobart is fantastic and anyone in the area should come check out my products in person. You can find prints, cards, homewares, and fabric items at my table. 

Markets coming up: August 2nd at Design Garage, August 22 at Brookfield, August 29 at The Nook, and back at Design Garage September 6th. 

Plushies are a main product that you can only get in person for now and soon in the etsy shop - Each sewing kit contains a fat quarter of 100% cotton with all patterns and instructions to make your own set of toys. Accompanying this fabric is a bag of stuffing and a matching embroidery thread to customize and decorate it yourself. It's a fabulous beginner's sewing project that ANYONE can make. I am new to sewing - literally this is my first experience with it, and there is nothing like the sense of accomplishment from creating something by hand. And what a special sort of gift it is to create this with a child or for a friend.

Here is a sneak peek into the little plushie photoshoot. Read further for extra tips. 

Easy to personalize with initials or small quotes.

Easy to personalize with initials or small quotes.

Extra tips when making plushies:

1. Use an iron in between all of your steps to ensure smooth results

2. Embroider your designs before you sew the front and back together!

3. Even though instructions suggest to sew right sides facing, BOTH ways look fabulous. I actually prefer wrong sides facing for a hand sewed look. 

4. Don't overstuff! Make sure to stretch out all stuffing and put only small amounts in at a time. Rice & lavender make a fabulous substitute - don't microwave for too long! 

5. If sewing wrong sides facing, trim edges with sharp fabric scissors.

6. Sponge clean the surface for freshening up. Don't use too much water if it is filled with rice! 

Thanks for checking it out! 

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